HERC Online Series

On this page you will find a series of articles written by researchers from the HERC that tackle contemporary issues in criminal justice.

Supporting young offenders in the courtroom (or download PDF here)

Banking Crimes without End (or download PDF here)

Volkswagen: a routine case of corporate-state harm production (or download PDF here)

Pushing the boundaries of prison ethnography – Oct 2015 (or download PDF here)

How to improve identification evidence: Practitioner hits and academic false alarms – Sept 2015 (or download PDF here)

Rough sleepers in policy and practice: chaotic and off course, or misunderstood? – Aug 2015 (or download PDF here)

Is there something in the (cabin) air? – Jun 2015 (or download PDF here)

Why are the harms caused by poverty so ignored – May 2015 (or download PDF here)

Dirty hands and Dirty Harry – Can a code of ethics clean up the police – Apr 2015 (or download PDF here)

Corporate Killing With Impunity – Apr 2015 (or download PDF here)

What can visual attention research tell us about the reliability of eyewitness evidence – Mar 2015 (or download PDF here)

Fixed Odds Betting Terminals – the psychology of state-corporate harm maximisation – Feb 2015 (or download PDF here) 

Why do people confess to crimes they haven’t committed – Jan 2015 (or download PDF here)

Decriminalising drug use – when will the government acknowledge the harm our current laws cause – Dec 2014 (or download PDF here)

Harmful evidence – wrongful conviction or suspicion on the basis of flawed eyewitness testimony – Oct 2014 (or download PDF here)

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics… and Scottish Independence Referendum ‘Facts’ – Oct 2014’ (or download PDF here)

The Dubious ‘Science’ of Risk Prediction in Criminal Justice – Sept 2014 (or download PDF here)


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